A flavoursome trip

An acquaintance with the gastronomic legacy of Olympia

Land of Olympia

Unrivalled local products, traditional recipes, wine routes as well as agrotourism activities have moments of real delight in store for the visitor.

Precious gifts of the fertile land of Olympia offer the visitor a special food tasting experience.  This is produce destined for the best delicatessens in the world and you have the chance to savour it at its source. And not only that! You’ll be able to get hands on with some of the traditional practices which help to bring these special flavours to the dining table. All this, combined with the warm hospitality of the locals, will cultivate memories to ripen with age.

Let gastronomy be your guide

The land of Olympia is famous for its products which are in great demand all over the country, not to mention the world!

Is there any better way of teasing the midday summer sun than with a juicy slice of watermelon from Gastouni? Try “trahana” and “hilopites”, both types of pasta, made with artistry and pure ingredients. If you fancy a little seasoning, oregano, mint and sage run riot across the hillsides and a treacly treat for your taste buds comes in the form of the delicious honey, for which the local bee population should be roundly congratulated!

Fish are also in abundance, there’s bass, bream, mullet and eels. You can try your luck at catching them yourself in the lagoon of Kotyhi or simply sit down at a local tavern and wait for them to come to you. Trout from the artificial lake of the Pinios are especially recommended.  Gastronomy is so inextricably linked with custom and the uncluttered way of living here that your journey will surely bring you a taste of tradition through all the time-honoured dishes, like hondromenoudelo (a type of pasta) tabakali (a dish with beans as a main ingredient), kagiana with tsigaridia (salt pork with eggs and tomatoes), pumpkin pies and, for dessert, stroto, their own version of baklava from Lampia.



Wine routes

The wine routes reveal special wine experiences in the wineries that are open to visitors.  It’s time to get to know Protected Geographical Indication wines such as “Ilia”, “Letrini” and “Pisatis”.

Roll up your sleeves!

Would you like to abandon the role of «passive» visitor for a while and literally get to grips with Greece’s agrarian past? Get involved in the olive harvest and find yourself in the oil presses of Ilia. Gather grapes and join in the fun the grape mill, where the wines are produced. Kneed hilopites or salt olives and pork. As you harvest, you will sow the seeds of memories as hardy as the crops swathing the countryside around you.

Tasty events

Joy turns into unbridled celebration in the Tastes and Culture Festival or the Gastronomy Festival of Pyrgos.  The local wineries also throw their doors open for major events. So keep an eye out for them.

Try the flavour that fits in the land of Olympia.



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