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Agrinio is a known and at the same time «unknown» city. We know it as one of the largest cities in Western Greece, an active financial and commercial centre, a living city. However, a tour of the surrounding area, with the city as your starting point, will come as a pleasant surprise, since it reveals a diverse, stunningly beautiful landscape, archaeological sites and religious monuments of special significance.

A revealing walk

Wandering around the city, you will see vestiges of the past emerging, helping you to piece together its much storied history. The buildings of the tobacco warehouses, samples of industrial architecture from a bygone age, reveal the close connection the area has with tobacco, while the widespread excavation findings exhibited in the Papastrateion Archaeological Museum give ample illustration of the important role the area played in the Aetolian League, the federation of communities and cities of the region in ancient times.


Fascination all around

Archaeological Site of Stratos

The ancient city of Stratos, one of the largest and best fortified city-states of Akarnania, stood to the west of Acheloos river. The remnants of the ancient Agora, the temple of Zeus Stratios and the city walls still stand to this day, with the almost intact ancient theatre its most impressive monument.

Panagia Vlahernon (Our Lady of Vlaherna)

At a short distance from the village of Lepenou lies the Holy Chapel of Panagia Vlahernon, built at the beginning of the 20th century in order to house the miraculous icon of the Holy Virgin.

Vlohos Monastery

Making your way along the northern banks of Acheloos river, you will pass by the agrarian Towns of Panaitolio and Kainourgio. From there you should visit the Vlohos Monastery, where the Holy Temple of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary stands out for its remarkable icon screen.

Still in Trichonio, on the southern shore of Lake Trichonida, you can also wonder at the exceptional beauty of the Nerofraxon forest and a large area of the protected calcareous bogs and fens which are of enormous scientific and ecological interest. The Fraxos forest in Lesini is equally beautiful and is also of unique ecological significance.

If you are looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating well-being experience, head for the thermal springs at Murstianou and Helova, which are beside Lake Lysimachia. You will also find thermal springs beside Lake Trichonida, in the area around Kato Myrtia (“Kokkino Stefani”).

It is also well worth visiting the historic Pantokratoras Monastery in Aggelokastro, Moni Katerinous in Arakinthos with its outstanding icon of the “enthroned Virgin” and the Monasteries of Myrtia and Photmos.

Verdant landscape all around, mountains crowning the horizon, lakes reflecting beauty. Cast your own reflection in beautiful waters.

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