The balcony of the Corinthian


The coastal town and county seat of the prefecture of Aigialeia, also known as the “balcony of the Corinthian”,

proud of its history and praising its modern actions such as the renovation of the coastal, the operation of the suburban and in general the overall upgrade of the town, is presented in three levels that are separated. First level is the coastal zone or Down Town. Second level is the area of Agios Andreas or otherwise Middle Town. Third level is Up Town where the historic center and the settlement are located.

Down Town and Up Town are connected from 1901 to the present day by the 172 “steps”, also known as the stairs of Philopimenos, which have their starting point on the beach at the height of the railway. In up town you can also go up the stepped street of Michalopoulou Street or Tempelorachis. A little higher dominates the imposing Metropolitan Church, a work by Ernest Ziller.

The point of Aegio with the unbeatable view of the whole city and the Corinthian gulf, is the square of Ypsila Alonia. Here you will be guided to the Monument of the Unknown Soldier, to the Holy Temple of St. Andrew (also a work by Ziller) and to its timeless symbol, the Tower which at the beginning of the century functioned as a meteorological station

The years of prosperity, when the raisin trade flourished, betrayed neoclassical mansions of great cultural significance and heritage that bear the signature of master architects such as Ernst Ziller, but also the imposing temples. Narrators, in turn, of a glorious era, stand in the port and the ruined raisin warehouses.


On the beach area of Aegio, look for the historical monument “12 Fountains”, the well-known plane tree of Pausanias, which is located in a nearby position and has been designated a natural monument, with experts estimating that its age is at least 600 years old.

It is worth visiting the Archaeological Museum, which is housed in a building of incomparable aesthetics with the seal of the great German architect Ernst Ziller and the Folklore Museum with its perfectly organized and meticulously divided collection.

One of the most beautiful Pilgrimages of Greece is located in the port of Aigio, perched on a rock 30 meters high. The Holy Shrine of Panagia Tripiti (Zoodochou Pigi) with the miraculous icon of Panagia that made known the hitherto unknown cave.

Look for the wonderful beaches of Aigeira, Akrata, Diakofto, Longos and Seliniatika near Aigio. Also discover the Ancient City of Eliki, the once great cultural and religious center.

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