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Driving your own vehicle is probably the best way take in both the rich ecosystems, and the centuries old past of the land of Discovery. A road trip will reveal aspects of Greece as you have never seen it before – either next to the sea by heading to the Messolonghi Lagoon, or to the mountains if you choose to make your way towards Lake Trichonida. Make sure you stop at the Rio-Antirio Bridge to admire this much-praised feat of modern design.

Live unique moments in the Lagoon of Messolonghi

An ideal starting point, the capital of the prefecture; heroic Messolonghi. Visit the Garden of Heroes and the Municipal Museum of History and Art; The tour continues in picturesque Aitoliko, the “Little Venice”, with a chance to see first-hand how the famous fish roe, often thought of as Greece’s version of caviar, is prepared. A short drive further along the coast will take you to the beach of Mytikas with its azure waters and the beautiful view of the nearby islands. There will be time to relax in the tranquil setting of Vonitsa and with an enchanting castle as the backdrop to your reflections on a marvellous trip…


Drive around Lake Trichonida

The largest city in the prefecture, Agrinio, teeming with life; stone-clad buildings, tobacco warehouses, historic temples and a rich cultural heritage. The driving experience around Lake Trichonida is unique as well as the view to the lake from the hamlets Dogri and Varia. On the way to Myrtia, you’ll come across the renowned sulfurous thermal baths while the enchanting sunset over Petrochori and its quaint little dwellings make the perfect composition for the photographer’s lens.

Thermo, dating back to prehistoric years, is the focal point for the area’s cultural history. Looking for more clues to the past? Then a visit to the archaeological museum will set you on the right path. The heavenly landscape of the artificial Lake Stratou lends itself to exploration of marine bird and animal life, which thrives in the marshy conditions. Finally, very near the city of Ancient Stratos, there are some astounding archaeological finds well worth looking into.

For a special road trip, put your foot down for the land of Discovery!

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