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Τhe Vivid Land of Achaia

On course for traditional recipes and cooking elevated to art.

The vivid land of Achaia and culinary skill go hand in hand, with the famed local produce adding distinctive flavours to redoubtable quality. Select vintages and wine routes also take the visitor on a delightful journey into the viticulture of the region. Of course, the final secret ingredient in wining and dining anywhere in Western Greece is the warmth and hospitality that comes with each serving, a sprinkling of authenticity to embellish every meal.

A divine way to flavour your holiday

Excellent quality is a hallmark of all the local produce and the staple of the Mediterranean diet, olive oil, is the flagship ingredient, the foundation of all things savoury. On top of this, the area has a formidable reputation for its variety of dairy products, with the PDO Feta Cheese of Kalavrita being the pride of the vivid land of Achaia. Pasta lovers too will give a big thumb up to the traditional trahana and hilopites. Rooster spaghetti, kid stew and the beans of Helmos- in the mountainous area of Akrata- are all essential taste experiences. So too are the exquisite fried trout of Planitero and the anchovies marinated in olive oil served in the traditional fishing village of Alykes. Finally, another forte of the area is the cultivation of raisins. The P.D.O Vostizza black Corinthian raisin is an exclusive product of Aigialeia. Abundant in quantity, it finds its way into several classic recipes, such as stuffed tomatoes and peppers or cod, to add that little extra zing to the dish.


Tasting the nectar

The god Dionysus would have been in his element in vivid Achaia land! The renowned white wine Roditis is recognized as a Protected Designation of Origin PDO of Patra. The sweet tasting “Mavrodaphne Patron” has been classed as a Controlled Designation of Origin (AOC), as has the popular white Moscato.

For a complete wine experience, visit some of the top wineries that operate in the area. First stop should be the modern facilities of ACHAIA CLAUSS, with the Mavrodaphne it produces being the undoubted star. Taste explorers will become acquainted with organic wines in the winery Sant’or Wines. In addition, Roditis, Malagouzia, Black Kalavrytino, Agiorgitiko make up the lavish wine menu of Tetramythos.

Your dalliance with Achaia wine is consummated in events organized by local enthusiasts and specially dedicated to these venerated vintages. The most representative are «OINOXENIA» held every August, and the wine tasting festival «Kername Ellada».

Savour the authentic! Taste the sweet and savoury flavours of the vivid land of Achaia

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