Harnessing Nature

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Land of discovery

A land to delight the ecotourist.

You don’t need to be a canoe – kayak professional, experienced hiker or skilled climber in order to long for the outstanding nature of the land of Discovery.  It quite literally comes with the territory! Whoever sets eyes on it instantly feels that irresistible urge to explore. All that’s required after that is the right kind of footwear and the mood to get straight into action!

Keeping in step with nature

The incomparable natural environment of the land of Discovery is ideal for hiking enthusiasts who want to get better acquainted with the generous wealth and astonishing beauty of Greek nature. The footpaths of Mountainous Nafpaktia, crossing a great expanse of oak, chestnut and fir tree forest, lead you to some truly incredible sights. The mountain range of Panaitoliko and the ridge of Mt Arakynthos, two Natura accredited areas, will seduce you with their lush vegetation and sweeping views.  Go trekking to the twin waterfalls of Mokistianos or wander around Lesini forest, west of Acheloos, to admire the rare ash trees and the impressive silver poplars. In Klokova, challenging climbs beckon the bold mountaineers while in Varasova, the rock face certainly gives absilers plenty of opportunity to test their skills. Then again, if mountain biking is your thing, Trikorfo and the mountain villages west of Panaitoliko are just the location for making memories on two wheels.

Taming the waters

Gorgeous lake Trichonida, incorporated into the European Natura 2000 programme, will carry you off on a tide of enthusiasm for sailing. For those who fancy themselves as more adroit on a pair of water skis, Stratos lake with the National Centre and world class trainers is a tempting option.


Land of Discovery from above!

If you are not afraid of heights, the land of Discovery can be best viewed from the sky. You can make the leap from several of its proud peaks: Try paragliding on Empesos, hang gliding in the area around Thermo and parapente at a specially designated venue especially in Petrochori, with a view to lake Trichonida.

Herons, Flamingos and unforgettable sunsets

After a short while spent in the unique ecosystem of the lagoon of Messolonghi, you’ll begin to see the significance of water, the life it cherishes and preserves, the different seasons, even the time of day in an entirely new light. And in the evening, enjoy the sun setting enchantingly behind the lagoon while you go around the lake on a bicycle to properly enjoy this extravaganza of colour marking the day’s end.

Dive into nature. Make friends for life with the great outdoors in action-packed land of Discovery.

Following the pathways of water and nature

Enjoy a wonderful four-day ecotourism experience which will take you on an enchanting exploration of the nature, history and culture of Aetolia-Acarnania. You will learn about the ecological importance of Lake Trichonida, discover the surrounding villages and see the waterfalls and watermills. You will also get to know Lake Stratou and explore the fjords of Lake Kastraki. A hiking expedition on Mount Zygos will take you to the village of Ambelia, where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Messolonghi lagoon. You will also have plenty of opportunities to sample local products and you will be introduced to the Malagousia variety of grapes and wine. Finally, the area’s monasteries, archaeological sites such as Stratos and the Voukatio Acropolis, and museums such as those at Agrinio and Aetoliko, will connect you with the rich history of Aetolia-Acarnania.

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