Kaiafas Thermal Baths

A fairytale scenery


A landscape of unparalleled aesthetics and unsurpassed beauty,

the area of ​​Caiaphas, is located within the boundaries of the Municipality of Zacharo and is 27 km from Pyrgos and 25 km from ancient Olympia.

The unique ecosystem of its kind impresses with its grandeur and includes the Caiaphas Baths, the homonymous lake, the pine forest of Strofilia and the mountain Lapitha known from mythology at the root of which are the two caves. The composition is completed by the beach of Kaifas with the strong advantage of the sandy coast 6 km long and the islet of Agia Aikaterini with the homonymous church.

Although the area is said to have taken its name from the biblical figure, the high priest of Judea Kaiafas, it most likely came from the Nymph Kaliafeia who lived in the cave of the Angyrid Nymphs, along with Pigaea and Iasi, also nymphs.


The lake area occupies 1500 acres and is a living wetland, a pristine and primitive ecosystem, perhaps unique in the world that offers shelter to fish, eels, snakes, turtles and many migratory birds during the winter.

Caiaphas Spas are known baths since antiquity for their healing properties and include two springs, the Anigrid Nymphs and the Geranium (or Atlantis Nymphs).

They gush in caves at the foot of Mount Lapitha on the east bank of the Caiaphas Lagoon.

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