Land of Olympia


An ideal, safe harbor opens the way to exploration


Traditional colour and enchanting nature through an incomparable embrace between mountain and sea as you start out for the Ancient Olympia.

Offering a safe harbor for cruise liners as far back as the mid-40s, Katakolo, a picturesque seaside town, today constitutes the second most visited cruise line port in Greece and the base for thousands of tourists looking forward to getting better acquainted with the majestic Ancient Olympia. At the entrance of the port, the renovated raisin warehouses have been converted into cafes and taverns, nowadays aspiring to a generous portion of the visitors as opposed to dried fruit!


Golden sand beneath the toes

The sandy beach Katakolo in the Kyparissiakos Gulf is an ideal option for families. Since most of it is well-organised and caters to all your needs, you can stay from dawn to dusk and then take in a romantic sunset. For more peace and quiet, neighbouring Kato Kavouri invites you into its blue waters. The dense sand dunes on the beach of Letrina may obstruct the passage of vehicles, but are a positive boon for sunbathers and swimmers who flock to its golden sands.

Evocative of tropical beaches, Kiani Akti gives the opportunity for aquatic sports to those who love them. A Blue flag award winner, the popular, tourist beach of Kourouta is ideal for sailing off its shores and also favoured by a population of the sea turtle Caretta-Caretta, who like laying their eggs there. Nearby Palouki boasts an organized camp site.

The production of exquisite local produce adds to the long list of assets  of Katakolo and its surroundings as an attractive resort; raisins, the “black gold” which contributed to the long prosperity of the area, the olive oil and olive varieties, dairy products as well as bee keeping offer the visitor unprecedented gastronomical experiences.

Launch an enjoyable holiday in colourful Katakolo. Your springboard for luxury and tradition.

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