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A «magical» place which speaks volumes of history and culture and makes an ideal excursion destination for those seeking plenty of enthralling sights and experiences.

«My eyes never saw a more glorious place…»

Some of the most momentous events of the 1821 Revolution against the Ottoman occupation occurred here. Against impossible odds and under appalling conditions, «The Free People» of the town survived for years under siege until their final bold exodus turned the tide of European support firmly in favour of the Greeks. One of the most glorious chapters in its history books, the memory of this great sacrifice still reverberates to this day in the collective consciousness of the Greek nation. The Gate of the Exodus and the walls of the city stand as a reminder of the heroism of the people of Messolonghi. The lush Garden of Heroes is strewn with monuments, amongst which is the Tomb of the Heroes, as well as the memorials erected to honour M. Botsaris, Lord Byron and other freedom fighters. Every year Palm Sunday is marked as a day of remembrance. Outside the wall, a visit to the little chapel of St. Paraskevi, where the decision was taken to confront the enemy, can be a very moving experience.


«Enchantment is nature and a dream in beauty and in grace…»

The National Park of Messolonghi-Aitoliko includes the lagoons of Messolonghi, Aitoliko and others, the one of a kind Forest of Fraxos and a many picturesque terrains that stretch out from the river banks.

Indulge in the unique pleasure of canoe-kayak on the lagoons, observe or photograph flamingos and herons, follow the hiking and mountain climbing trails of Arakynthos and Varasova.  Whatever you chose to do, you’ll find your senses constantly assailed by fragrant natural scents and stupendous colours.

Relax on the banks of the lagoon with a fishing rod and reel or go for a swim off the shore of Tourlida, a beautiful beach on the islet of the same name, where the open sea meets the lagoon, or Louros and Dioni, beaches which also form a vital part of the famous ecosystem of the region.


Afloat with charm in Aitoliko

On a small island in the middle of the lagoon, connected to the mainland by two lovingly preserved stone-built arched bridges, lies the «the town on the water», Aitoliko. Walk along the picturesque cobbled stone alleys next to gardens in full bloom and visit the historic Holy Temple of Kimiseos tis Theotokou and Taxiarchon and the Engraving Centre and Museum of Vaso Katraki. The harmony and beauty of the place imparts an instant feeling of tranquility.

From Aitoliko, visit the ancient town of Oiniades with its distinctive docks and ancient theatre.

Historic, heroic and heavenly. Make your own mark on magnificent Messolonghi!

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