Neda Waterfalls

The effervescent Neda Waterfalls


Here the unbearable charm of nature has a woman’s name.

Here the beauty of the landscape offers an upliftment of the soul, an emotional pleasure. An ode to the universality of the Goddess of Nature. Subservient to the myth that surrounds her, Neda promises magical moments and legendary memories.

According to legend, the largest river with a female name was created when Rhea struck the arid land with a stick, in honor of the nymph Neda who raised Zeus along with two other nymphs.

Its waters are the natural border that separates Messinia from Ilia, while it flows into the sandy beaches of the Gulf of Kyparissia.

You will worship its unrecognizable beauty starting from the settlement of ancient Figalia, on the banks of the river and descending its gorge. The route is thirty-two kilometers while the landscape is constantly winding and changing, imposing your admiration to lead you to the impressive waterfall of Neda 50 meters high.


Here you will discover small waterfalls and three large ones, which form “swimming pools” with turquoise waters and are ideal for swimming. The waterfalls fall from a height of seven (the smallest) and twenty meters (the largest).

You do not have to cross the whole gorge to enjoy the waterfalls and lakes of Neda. From the village of Platania you can go to the bridge of the Waterfalls and approach the waterfalls from a path of about 15 minutes.

In the quiver of its secrets, Neda has one of the most impressive points of the gorge, the Stomio cave, where Neda penetrates until she finds an exit to the Pamisos river.

At the same height of the route there is the church of Panagia where according to tradition the miraculous icon was found.

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