Olympian light

A cultural journey in time

Land of Olympia

Ancient trails, historic monuments, Frankish castles, chapels and monasteries bear witness to the past.

Antiquity endowed it with a priceless gift, the sacred life of Ancient Olympia. The passing centuries have imbued every corner of Ilia with a rich historic and religious heritage. The sights in this part of Western Greece will take you to a higher spiritual plain, your pathway lit by the shining ideals of the ancient Olympics.

Cultural experiences

In the Museum of the History of Excavations in Olympia you will be able to connect the findings with the many digs that have taken place there over the years, while the museum of the History of the Olympic Games initiates the visitor into the essence of the games just as they were conducted in antiquity.

Interwoven with the events of the Olympic Games, ancient Ilida also shares in the glory of this institution. It was here that the Games were first organized in 776 BC. The archaeological site and the new Archaeological museum of Elida offer you an enlightening journey into its long history.

Today the intellectual life of the area is enhanced by the International Festival of Ancient Olympia, the International Film Festival of Olympia and the International Festival of Ancient Ilida.

The Museum of Ancient Greek Technology and Musical Instruments in Katakolo with the models of the inventions of the ancient Greeks and the new Archaeological Museum of Pyrgos further enrich your knowledge of the antiquity.


Travelling a little further forward in time, Chlemoutsi castle in Kyllini still exudes the atmosphere from the period of the Frankish occupation. Courtyards, towers, domed halls and the Castle museum with its exhibits will stir fantasies of the knights in shining armour that used to strut around the ramparts.

Holy pilgrimages

A tour of the holy pilgrimages of Ilia always evokes strong emotions and feelings of reverence. The Holy Monastery of Panagia Skafidiotissa surrounded by its medieval fortress cannot fail to impress. In Gastouni, in the Holy Temple Kimisis tis Theotokou, with a monastery that goes by the same name, admire the Byzantine icon of the Virgin Mary that has stood for years as a source of comfort  and hope for the devout. In the village of Lygia lies the Monastery of Panagia Eleousa, where it is considered a blessing to drink water from the neighbouring cave.

In the Holy Monasteries of Fragopidima, Vlaherna and Fragavilla time becomes an irrelevance as you could literally spend hours happily lost in tranquil reflection. Finally, the Holy Monastery of Kremastis appears to defy gravity itself. Clinging precariously to the rock face, it is a symbol of the lengths, and heights, that the people here are able to go to in order to express their faith.

Feel the esoteric and spiritual fulfillment the land of Olympia has to offer!

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