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Can a city be always on the move? Well, Patra can. You can almost feel the energy beneath your feet!  It is the archetypal university city, with squares teeming with life, numerous entertainment options, various cultural activities, and, of course, the organizer of one of the biggest Mediterranean carnivals in existence.  When all this is combined with history, culture and the natural beauty of the area, then you have the ultimate destination that fulfills every wish for a pleasant getaway.

It travels in time as well

Start your tour around the historic sites from the Medieval Castle, where performances are held in the summer, and the Voudeni Mycenaean Park. The findings from the excavation are exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of the city, from which you will gain a more comprehensive picture of its history.

You can travel in time here stopping off at monuments from many chapters of history. Visit the Roman Odeon, home to Patra International Festival, and the Hamam which has given unbroken service to its customers since 1400 AD. Perhaps the most impressive of Patra’s architectural adornments is the Apollon Municipal Theatre.  Built in 1830 by E. Ziller, it is a scaled down replica of La Scala opera house in Milan.

Good time know-how

Whatever mood you are in when you get here, the nightlife of Patra will soon have you stepping to its beat. On Agiou Nikolaou St the youthful voices blend sweetly with the music from the bars, while on Rodinou St, one of the best known hot spots of the city, everyone joins in to become one big group of happy friends. Combine a drink or dinner with an enchanting view from the steps of Gerokostopoulou. 


«Come and find out what it’s like to be a native of Patra»

Come to the carnival of Patra to find the true meaning of fun and revelry. Expect nothing less than a full-on extravaganza of partying, singing and dancing till you drop. Everyday routine? What’s that? Here, as part of this great swirling throng of people, is your chance to   feel free and really let go for a weekend. The locals spend the whole year in enthusiastic preparation for this grand event, in which they don fancy dress, participate in the treasure hunt and join the procession of floats with all the other carnival-goers.

They will bid each other farewell at the highlight of the event, the «Burning of the Carnival King», which is a great bonfire to set alight the biggest float.


As you are leaving, pay a visit to the historic winery which is also a tourist sight. Wander around the beautiful buildings and try Mavrodafni, Moscato and Tendura. Their sweet, aromatic flavor will stay with you on your journey home.

Patra: The master of ceremonies. Treat yourself to a fresh take on fun!


5/6/2019 - 11/9/2019

Patras International Festival

Top institution and a pillar of the cultural life of the city, Patras International Festival has a glorious 27 years history and heritage, remaining one of the top summer cultural events with an international reach in the country.

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Drepano is one of the most popular waterboard sports destinations in Greece.

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Patras Festival – Ancient Greek Drama

A festival institution with an emphasis on Theatre and Ancient Greek Drama which invites visitors to enjoy evenings full of culture, under the Patras sky.

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