Patra’s Beach Scene

Sandy beaches with blue waters set the seal on summer

Τhe Vivid Land of Achaia

A place that encapsulates all of Greece: sun, sea, recreation as well as unique sights: it is all here.

The verdant landscape, countless beaches, facilities for every sporting activity, as well as luxurious hotels, compose a wonderful sonata of travel experiences in the vivid land of Achaia which will chime through your memories for years to come. And all this, only a stone’s throw away from «lively» Patra, generously offering moments of endless fun to those who give themselves up to its infectious charms.

Unforgettable summer experiences in Western land of Achaia

West of Patra you will meet the wonderful duo of bright sunshine and golden beaches. From the embrace of Strofilia forest emerges the popular beach of Kalogria. For «cloudless» holidays, families with small children should settle on the shallow sandy beach of Lakopetra, safe in the knowledge of its Blue Flag status. Crystal clear waters await in Pounta while in Tigania in Kato Achaia you will enjoy the stunning combination of silky sand and crystalline waters. Gianiskari makes an enticing prospect for the more adventurous types; difficult access ensures the preservation of virginal beauty.

After sunset, Patra introduces itself as a lively and cordial companion for your evening’s entertainment. Tune into the vibe of its intense nightlife or seek out the artistic surprises its summer festivals have in store for you.


Swimming, water sports as well as entertainment in Aigialia

Aliki, next to a natural lagoon with wild birds, makes another magnet for sporty types whereas for those who wish to relax, the beach in Lampiri is a great choice. Follow the sound of music to the bar on the beach of Platanos, where you can really bring the house down with your slick dance moves.

For family holidays, the seaside destinations Loggos and Selianitika boast accommodation with every comfort. Harpooning fans go for the natural harbours of Aigeira, a hamlet of traditional colour and wonderful natural surroundings. Nearby Diakopto is justly proud to invite you for a ride on its rack and pinion railway, the famous little train that crosses the gorge of the Vouraikos!  Akrata, under the benevolent gaze of Mt Helmos, retains its traditional character without lacking anything in modern tourist nous, treating its visitor to both relaxation and vivacious nightlife.

Summer beats in modern Aigio

With gentle waves rippling into its shores and a velvety breeze scuttling through its streets, Aigio is a modern city where families as well as groups of young people can enjoy their summer holidays. The beaches, cafes and downtown bars are teeming with life, especially on the Square of Psila Alonia with the impressive tower presiding over the heart of the city. For a taste of history, a visit to the Museum of Aigio is a must while for those who want to delve deeper, Ancient Aigeira presents important archaeological findings.

Dive into the enchanting waters of the beaches of the vivid land of Achaia. Treat yourselves to uniquely carefree summer moments. 

Learn more about Aigio here.


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Kitesurf and Windsurf festival at Drepano

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