Land of Olympia


A city with grand designs


The prestige of the past uniquely combines with the unparalleled beauty surrounding the city.

The prosperous commercial activity of the past, mainly centred around the cultivation of raisins, contributed to the cultural development of the city while the sites of religious interest are also worthy of your special attention.

International Festivals and cultural routes

The Archaeological Museum of Pyrgos, conceived by Ziller, with four differently designed sides, is regarded as the most important of the listed buildings of the city. To further impress the visitor, its unique exhibits are shown off at their best by state-of –the-art technology. A walk around the central square of Pyrgos takes you to the municipal theatre “Apollon”. Also a listed building, today it hosts the International Film Festival “Olympia” for children and young people. During your stay in Pyrgos, find out if there is a performance on – so you can live a special experience! TheTown Hall, whose benefactor was Latsis, is also a splendid sight and is home to both the administration offices and the Municipal Market. And finally for good measure, the Railway Station also makes a worthy addition to the architectural wealth of the city.


Monuments merge with nature

10 minutes away from Pyrgos lie the remnants of Pontikokastro, a medieval fortress which unfolds a centuries-old for the visitor. Through the ramparts of the castle, the eyes embrace the tranquility of the Ionian, the verdant coasts of the Peloponnese as well as the enchanting view of Zakynthos and Cephalonia. Further north, mostly buried under the sand in the bay of Agios Andreas, lies Ancient Feia.

If you are a nature lover, do not miss out on a walk to Ancient Epitalio and Mycenaean Thryo. The velvety sand on the nearby beach is the ideal setting for delightfully intimate moments or a brief interlude lost in your own solitary musings.

A pastoral pause

In the historic centre of Pyrgos, lies the hill of Eparhiou. Devote some time for relaxation in this verdant spot, family friendly and with an unobstructed view. If you have prepared a picnic, so much the better!

If you have designs on grandeur, the past and present awaits in Pyrgos, in the land of Olympia.

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