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Archaeological sites, castles, beaches and a monumental new bridge, all in perfect harmony with the land.

The tremendous feat of construction that is the bridge of Rio-Antirio is one of those happy moments in the course of a country’s history when the seed of inspiration and unyielding determination gives rise to a miracle. It transformed a narrow strait into a radiant international landmark, pointing to a new hope and bringing people, cultures and experiences together like never before. One of the largest suspension bridges in the world, it is the face of modern Greece, a beacon to the creative, pioneering spirit, cooperation and commitment to seeing all your goals through to their successful conclusion. Essential as it is as a motorway extension, it transcends mere physical considerations, by heralding the wishes and dreams of millions; a symbol that Greeks can be proud to hand on to posterity as part of their precious heritage.


When the past embraces the present

The “Harilaos Trikoupis” bridge –as it is officially called – today constitutes a significant focal point for Rio. In days gone by, it was the Castle of Morias and its counterpart, the Castle of Roumeli that stood on opposite sides of the gulf, fortified structures that Sultan Vagiazit II built on top of ancient foundations. Today, the bridge and the castles establish a new rapport, a dialogue across the ages, which touches you emotionally. By admiring the bridge from the Castles of Rio and Antirio on a summer evening when they host cultural events in the moonlight you will become a witness to this secret conversation between the past and the present

A wonder of technology 

Your admiration for this colossus of modern Europe will grow even more when you hear how it openly defies the laws of nature. Built to a depth of 61m to withstand powerful earthquakes and winds of typhoon proportions and spanning an amazing distance of nearly 3 kilometers, it is a mind-boggling testimony to the skills of its designers and engineers.  And all this before you mention the vital reinforcement of the bonds between Western Greece and the rest of the country it has brought about, orchestrating a radical change in lifestyle for thousands of citizens. To cap it all, its beauty is unparalleled. As you round the bend on the coast road of the Corinthian Gulf, it is a striking image; like a row of mythical giants holding aloft a delicate silvery thread, uniting ancient legend with the ingenuity of tomorrow.

Bestride the past, present and future in Rio. Build bridges towards a better tomorrow.

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