Symbols of culture and religion

On the trail of the faithful

Τhe Vivid Land of Achaia

Places of worship and a flourishing historical and cultural tradition have memorable experiences in store for the visitor to the vivid land of Achaia.

For those who find that holidays do not start and finish on the beach, the vivid land of Achaia promises unique moments. Every route through the lush natural environment of Western Greece is adorned with a piece of the culture’s vast and timeless mosaic; religious beacons for the faithful and landmarks that also reflect the vibrancy of the modern era.

Relish past and present in the vivid Achaia land

The diverse and interesting sights of historical value in the vivid land of Achaia require time to be properly appreciated. Indeed, one of the most important cities, Ancient Aigeira, is still being excavated.  In ancient Kerynia near Diakopto, a memorial to heroes of antiquity forms the centerpiece of the site. Ancient Eliki fell prey to a powerful earthquake in the 4th century BC and fishermen over the years have reeled in the visitor with tales of sunken ruins in the depths of  the Corinthian Gulf;  their very own “Atlantis” in fact!  Other essential visits are the Archaeological Museums of Aigio and Patras as well as the Roman Odeon of Patras during its International Festival, which together with the Film Festival of Patras constitutes a forum with international appeal, showcasing quality music and film.

The Carnival of Patras, the biggest in Greece, is the crowning moment in a whole year of scintillating entertainment, when everyone conjures up costumes of vivid colours and imagination with the express aim of having fun!  Do not leave Patras before you have lived the unique experience of a walk along the Bridge of Rio-Antirio, the longest suspension bridge in Europe, some say the world, depending on the perspective. Either way, you’re not likely to forget it in a hurry!


Seek out the symbols of Christian faith in Western Greece

Temples and monasteries in the vivid land of Achaia reflect the religious faith of the Orthodox Greeks, transfixing both the casual visitor and the student of their history. Dedicated to St Andrew, the patron saint of Patras, the two Holy Temples, Palaios and Neos- meaning old and new- proudly stand in the city.

Explore St. Andreas old church in 3D:


The Holy Temple of the Virgin Mary, Pantanassa, is an also imposing presence in the historic centre of the capital of the vivid Achaia land. Residing under the protective shadow of a steep cliff, this particular monastery represents the most sacred pilgrimage in all of the Peloponnese.  Forever identified with the beginning of the Greek Revolution of 1821, the Holy Monastery of Agia Lavra in Kalavrita is where the banner of the resistance was raised by Germanos, the Bishop of Palaia Patras. Looking almost unreal from a distance, Panagia Trypiti in Aigio, took its name from the cave, literally the hole- or as the Greeks say Trypa- in the rock where it was built.

Culture and religion unfold in the vivid land if Achaia adding a different perspective to your journey. Live the story and let your imagination take flight.

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