The revels of youth

Exuberant to the core

Τhe Vivid Land of Achaia

Live exciting moments day and night.

For some, summer holidays mean wild clubbing until the early hours while for others they mean headlong dives into azure blue seas and hours of fun in the water. No need for wrangling over what to do. In the vivid land of Achaia, anything goes!

When the sun goes down …

In Patra you will find it hard to go to bed! The restaurants in the alleys of Ano Poli, the cafes and bars in the Square of Georgiou kai Olgas, Agiou Nikolaou Square and the pedestrian streets of Riga Feraiou and Trion Navarhon have an irresistible allure! In summer, Rio sets the pace for the nightlife with trendy beachside clubs looking out on its mighty suspension bridge glittering along with you until dawn’s first light. And when the mercury really hits the high spots, you can cool off with some unforgettable nighttime dives from the beaches of Selianitika and Loggos!



Boost the adrenaline or just chill

On the countless beaches of the land of Achaia everyone can find what they are looking for. The thrill seekers can go head to head with the strong northern winds off Digeliotika or harness the waves of Drepano, venue of the annual Kitesurf Festival. For fun and games in the sea and the sand, there are the organized beaches of Kato Achaia, Diakopto, Rio and Kalogria with beach volley and plenty of water sport facilities ranging from banana rides to parachuting. If your aim is a little deeper and you are curious to see life on the sea bed, the diving school of Panagopoula can help! Finally, for pure and simply relaxation, the gorgeous Pounta, Platanos and Rodini invite you for a swim soothed by their magical sunsets.

Artistic events and crazy carnivals

A procession of floats with that wow factor and round-the-clock partying in the streets is what the yearly Carnival of Patra brings; a real once in a lifetime experience! However, we should not forget Patra’s more artistic side as well: The International Festival of Patra, a gala of music, theatre and dancing, and the International Film Festival of Patra, a magnet for cinema lovers, are two splendid cultural events you cannot afford to miss.

Arty, sporty and ready to party. Leap into the fountain of youth in the vivid land of Achaia!


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