When gastronomical stars align

A canvas of culinary experiences

Land of discovery

The unique riches from the local land, sea and lakes are really made the most of to offer consummate delights.

Spurred by fertile land and a rich aquatic world, the inhabitants of the land of Discovery developed their own agrarian, pastoral and fishing practices which over time have manifested themselves in local products of international acclaim and unique gastronomical value. Fish, mussels, clams, oysters and other types of seafood and molluscs from Messolonghi and Trichonida, choice meat and cheese from Amfilochia, together with local olive oil elevate the local cuisine to an exceptional level.

The precious fruit of the earth

With 5.5 million olive trees and an especially auspicious climate, land of Discovery is famous for the extra virgin olive oil as well as the tasty olives of the Kalamon variety it produces. Combining them with Gruyere or Feta Amphilochias and the fragrant oregano of the area, you have the famous Greek meze at its very best! The choice meat of the area is also renowned, especially lamb and kid which you can try in different recipes.


Wine makes glad the heart of man…

The wine routes that cross the land of Discovery will eventually take you to Malagouzia, whose local variety of white grape, according to many a wine connoisseur, brought about the Greek wine renaissance. If you are lovers of enotourism, prepare to taste a multitude of more local vintages such as Asyrtiko and Mavrodaphne as well as those on any international list like Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Syrah.

The festivals of tradition and taste

In order for you to enjoy the traditional tastes of the land of Discovery, the Exhibition of Local Products is held every August in Messolonghi, while for those who prefer fish, there is the Fish Festival in Aitoliko. In October, do not miss the unique celebration of a nut and a potent local tipple. Be warned! The Chestnut and Tsipouro Festival in Ano Hora may have you a little unsteady on your feet! Finally, the yearly Sand Smelt Festival in Kainourgio is the celebratory tribute to the only fish that jumped from the sea, adapted to the fresh waters of Trichonida and, as a result, became destined for frying pans throughout the region!

Prepare your palate for a journey of incomparable tastes. Savour the unique local cuisine of the land of Discovery.


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