Olympian Land

An epic land - an experience like no other


The region of Western Greece welcomes you by revealing one of the most beautiful sides of Greece. A rare 4-season experience unlike any other, combining the pure beauty of eternal nature with a captivating cultural heritage and a great history of centuries, worthy of the emblematic nature of the Olympic Land.

The backbone of this sacred place and, simultaneously, the leading regions of the fascinating map that compose the Region of Western Greece are Aitoloakarnania, Achaia and Ilia. Three distinct and particularly loved destinations are surrounded by the Ionian Sea, embodying everything we love about Greece. Mediterranean light - an elixir of life covers a magnificent and diverse natural environment. Here the imposing mountains alternate with lakes, flowing rivers and lagoons, while the impressive mosaic of nature is complemented by numerous NATURA 2000 protected areas, aesthetic forests that are unique sources of life, and wetlands of priceless ecological value. And then, the endless sea. A local treasure that belongs to everyone. Because the landscapes of the Olympic Land are enriched by one of the country’s longest coastlines full of welcoming, impressive beaches with crystal clear waters, which will be aquatic summer retreats for every type of visitor. And if one wants even more, among the remarkable gifts that Western Greece generously offers are its glorious historical past and an absolutely admirable cultural heritage. Sacred places that inspire common global values, ancient theaters, religious treasures, eternal works of art, and legendary cities that gave birth to heroes are waiting to reveal their charms every season. Together with the gastronomic wealth of the region, which is based on the incomparable local flavors, the traditional varieties of P.D.O. products, and of course, the finest raw materials, such as oil, seafood, wine and the eternal fruits of the olive, the trip here becomes a feast for all 5 senses.

The land of Achaia is the first stop to explore on this enchanting tour of Western Greece. In this unique sea of experiences with the heart and center of the ever-living Patras, the 4 seasons of the year are magnificent, sculpting images of unparalleled natural beauty that never ends. From the green slopes of Helmos, the gorge of Vouraikos crossed by the infamous Odontotos and the Platanodasos of Planeteros, to Lake Tsivlou and the rare wetland of Aliki, nature celebrates by constantly changing its form. The coastline of Achaia is also unique, synonymous with Greek summer, having excellent infrastructure, modern marinas and famous golden beaches, such as Kalogria and Lakopetra, perfect for families, such as the picturesque Psathopyrgos and Trapeza, as well as top destinations for water sports, such as Drepano. And if someone wants to admire history and culture up close, Achaia is full of places of worship, archaeological sights and fascinating cultural events. From Ancient Aegira, the Fortress in Rio and the Archaeological Museums of Aigio and Patras to the legendary Kalavryta with the Holocaust Museum and the monastery of Agia Lavra, every step here is full of historical memories. In combination with institutions that bring to the fore the modern, cultural face of Achaia, such as the world-class carnival of Patras, a world that harmoniously marries the past with the present is revealed. The epic experience in Achaia could not be completed without tasting its gastronomic culture. Fine wines from famous wine producers, unlimited dairy products, extra virgin olive oil and the finest P.O.P. products compose a delicious local cuisine that will satisfy even the most demanding palate.

The journey to Western Greece continues in Ilia, which eternally radiates the glow of the Olympic flame and invites us on a travel tour of a lifetime. Here, the kingdom of nature is captured in images that captivate the eye. Neda, the only female river in Greece, impresses with its waterfalls and crystal waters, while the walks along Lake Kaiafas are unforgettable for visitors of every age. Dense forests, such as that of Foloi, and rivers, such as Alfeios or Pinios, become ideal places for escapes and hikes that rejuvenate body and spirit. And for those who love the sea, it is inevitable that in this place, they will find their own personal blue oasis, as the beaches of Ilia are countless. From Arkoudi to cosmopolitan Kourouta, the crystal clear waters of Zacharo, the peaceful Glyfa, Skafidi and the healing thermal baths of Kyllini, everything becomes part of an epic coastline. The area’s attractions undoubtedly include some of Greece’s most important archaeological sites. The center of everything is the magnificent Ancient Olympia: Hermes of Praxiteles, Altis, Temple of Zeus and Hera, Gymnasium, Stoa of Echoes, and Stadium. Everything in this sacred land is identified with the flame of the Olympic Games, which radiates the light of peace and Olympic ideals to all mankind. History lovers will indeed be moved by Ancient Elis and the temple of Apollo in Vasses. Finally, the region’s gastronomic heritage is also impressive, as favorite products of excellent quality are produced here. Fine grapes, olives, vegetables, cereals and extra virgin olive oil are some of the essential ingredients of traditional recipes of the region, which praise Greek cuisine.

Our visit to the Region of Western Greece ends in the beautiful Aitoloakarnania, which combines everything. It is truly impossible not to be in awe of the scarce diversity of the natural landscape. Labyrinthine mountains, such as the Panetolian Mountain and the rocky field of Varasova, alternate with lakes, such as Trichonida, and rivers, such as Acheloos and Evinos. This charming environment is complemented by precious wetlands, such as the Amvrakikos, and protected areas of priceless ecological value. The land is surrounded by the endless beaches of the area with superb sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. The beaches of Louros and Kato Vasiliki stand out; Palairos, which is ideal for long hours of playing in the sand, but also extraordinary seaside destinations, such as Tourlida, and the one-of-a-kind Aitoliko, a city-island, rooted in the sea. And then, the visitor gets lost in the paths of history. In the legendary Messolongi, the Garden of Heroes evokes emotion. But also, the infamous, picturesque castles of Vonitsa and Nafpaktos are great cradles of civilization, which alternate with numerous ancient theaters, such as that of the Oiniades. A vital component of the cultural heritage of Aitoloakarnania is its religious treasures, which are unique symbols of faith, such as the Cave of Panagia Eleousa and the Monasteries of Katerinous and Vlochou. Finally, the local flavors cannot be missing from this tour. Among the unique local products and delicacies that adorn the tables of the wider region are the world-famous Messolongi roe, the excellent quality salt from Alykes, and the delicious seafood, such as Amvrakiko’s grouper.

The trip to Western Greece will offer you an uplifting experience you will remember for a long time. In contrast to trivial tourist destinations, the Olympic Land is an authentic paradise on earth where you will make the most precious memories.