Frankish Castle of Chlemoutsi

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Chlemoutsi, considered the most typical example of a Frankish castle in the country, is built on the top of a hill in the village of Kastro, six kilometers from Kyllini, on Peloponnese’s westernmost cape, overlooking the plain of Ilia and looking out over the Ionian Sea.Built on a strategic location, between 1220-1223 by the ruler Geoffrey I of Villehardouin, it was the strongest fortress in the Principality of Achaea, and according to the prevailing theory, it was named after the founders of Clermont, most probably giving rise to the Greek form of Chlemoutsi. The list of its conquerors includes Byzantines, Catalans, Venetians and Turks.
A medieval palace with a fortress character in essence, occupying an area of approximately 3.7 acres, and with external walls reaching up to 10 meters, the fortress is protected by two well-preserved fortifications, a polygonal outer one and an irregular hexagonal inner one, making up the main castle.

Functioning also as a princely residence, it featured a throne and banquet hall, reception areas, a princely chapel, kitchens and accommodation for the guard.
The fortress’ most impressive features include a complex of vaulted rooms around the inner courtyard, and a thematic museum, exclusively housing exhibits dating back to the area’s Frankish Crusader conquest.

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