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Koufolias Olive Oil Mill

” Oilympian Koufolias – Olive Oil Mill”, is a 3rd generation family owned and run olive oil produ
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Cruise and Yachting Infrastructure in Patras

The port of Patras, one of the most contemporary ports in the Mediterranean, offers upgraded port

Carnival of Patra


Achaia Clauss Winery

Southeast of Patras, on a lush green hill, the Achaia Clauss winery is considered the first organ

Drepanos Kitesurfing

The beach of Drepanos, washed by the Gulf of Corinth, lies at the northernmost tip of the Pelopon


Located in mountainous Achaia, northeast of Kalavryta, the Vouraikos Gorge, of unique, raw natura

Cave of the Lakes

In the bowels of the earth, created by nature and born of water droplets, salt molecules, liquid

Observatory of Helmos

On Neraidorahi, one of the highest peaks of the Helmos range, the surrounding mountains conceal a

Ski Center of Kalavrita

On Neraidorahi, one of the highest peaks of the Helmos range, the surrounding mountains conceal a

Nemouta Waterfalls

The waterfalls of Nemouta, reminiscent of a scene taken from a fairy tale with fairies and elves,

Brindzikis Estate

Situated in the village of Lantzoi, in the wider area of Ancient Olympia, the Brindzikis Estate h

Mercouri Estate

The Mercouri Estate, a large farm surrounded by wonderful nature, founded in 1864 and boasting a

Lake Caiaphas

Having been formed around the 6th century AD, Lake Caiaphas, at a distance of 5km from Zacharo an

Neda Gorge

The virgin gorge of Neda is situated in a fantastic location where the feminine-named river Neda,

Kotychi - Strofilia Wetlands

A paradise on earth, the national park of Kotychi-Strofilya wetlands, is situated in the north-we

Goura Gorge

In the imaginary triangle formed by the villages of Koumani, Androni and Foloi, lies the gorge cr

Alfeios River

Known as one of Greece’s largest rivers and the most important in the Peloponnese, both in terms

Oak Forest of Foloi

About twenty-five kilometers from Ancient Olympia, the Foloi (Folóï) oak forest, unique in the Ba

Kyllini Thermal Baths

At the "Litzi" location of Kyllini, approximately 800m.
Loutra Kyllinis belongs administratively to the Municipality of Andravida-Kyllini and specifically to the Kastro P.C.