POLYGON((20.707664649068505 38.87435269446651,20.789868990956933 38.93106130341193,20.88031307893911 38.963169399700824,21.074934165059716 38.925919987570616,21.100640456258446 39.103179861140255,21.1273230715386 39.121327548628344,21.15400568681875 39.12242624937285,21.192361275731713 39.13204747222816,21.233463446675927 39.128884931518336,21.286410252629903 39.126388088537105,21.37231604295889 39.17288141834523,21.391236345349935 39.16098644337524,21.42663613992849 39.10434544938257,21.387878219663293 39.01778980173738,21.464476744710595 38.98025218589566,21.5023173494927 38.96547181227504,21.509945551931057 38.89726869258365,21.629572073995263 38.867670253837375,21.625232259809167 38.84268907056175,21.57969371515432 38.84337429026412,21.5575011177651 38.79698172561984,21.573760668813375 38.73984813912285,21.608339707433373 38.72247313947383,21.64566532808462 38.71580992826819,21.669299612819344 38.712465532231846,21.69293389755407 38.70269096240815,21.756681959211026 38.71100466433687,21.773449788867623 38.70498088512891,21.776484708367978 38.68180616340314,21.810020367681176 38.686906502545746,21.834299723683984 38.73301916357668,21.93504349428335 38.73951340063851,21.94901243883291 38.77649251007947,21.993762414037377 38.76874688962291,22.022032897054345 38.73315307133369,21.99571506220022 38.70397198854305,21.991369883596093 38.661912205125006,22.00465218263784 38.582012720814966,21.99963108736196 38.51441603095085,21.963024298726708 38.49083959078028,21.90993801790395 38.47101866560494,21.860971610128075 38.37048647132115,21.81063191133657 38.362478232395304,21.743812720357568 38.31353470961988,21.637211005269677 38.32350113264352,21.536102454244286 38.25586419687168,21.339378516256005 38.25856009998765,21.028328101216943 38.281201743477816,21.02463738161245 38.3793012354964,20.99897400575796 38.477267881465195,20.975113074361474 38.64599305630045,20.92073933321157 38.656215230978255,20.87185875612417 38.677157752940694,20.77547089296499 38.73080964832236,20.737447897969872 38.79619571689603,20.707664649068505 38.87435269446651))

Fraxos Forest

A protected paradise, thanks to its ecological value and beauty, the Fraxos Forest is located nor

Monastery of Agia Eleoussa

Evocative and wildly magnificent, the Holy Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi, better known as Agia Eleo

Messolonghi Lagoon

At the southwestern tip of Aetoloakarnania, meeting with the Gulf of Patras and the Ionian Sea, b

Tryfos Springs

A verdant, unspoilt area known as Loutra Tryfos lies half the way between Amfilochia and Vonitsa,

Shrimp Fishing

A priceless treasure with a name of origin, gambari, the endemic shrimp of Amvrakikos Gulf with i


Being of an exceptional identity, Voustri used to be a village full of life, situated 14km northw


An outstanding holiday venue in Aitoloakarnania, this coastal settlement, a seaport for Galatas v

Artificial Lake of Kastraki

The Kastraki Lake, north of the town of Agrinio, is an artificial creation similar to its neighbo


Evinos is a river of Etoloakarnania prefecture .

Mountanious Nafpaktia

With unadulterated Roumeli beauty but cosmopolitan.

Lake Trichonida

The largest natural lake in Greece, also known as the Sea of Aetolia, lies 6km southwest of Agrin

Roman Baths of Agios Thomas

In the area of the lowland village of Agios Thomas, just 2.5 km northeast of Messolonghi, we come


A hidden, priceless treasure that captures in the most eloquent way the dynamics of the ancient c


At the SW end of Mount Arakynthos (Zygos), and at a distance of only 5 km NW of the Holy City of

Vlochos - The Fortress of Thestieon

At the top of Vlochos hill, on the western slope of Mt.

The Gate of Messolonghi and the Garden of Heroes

Seeing the walls with the monumental gate of the Holy City of Messolonghi, the thrill of emotion


A water state, the built-up and captivating town of Aitoliko– essentially an island territory, al

Rouga Beach

Rouga is situated about 4km from the picturesque village of Paliabela, on the route from Vonitsa

Coast Astakos

The small – “big” idyllic coastal surprising city


A village quite literally at the water’s edge, it lends itself to calm holidays in the turquoise


An extraordinary place, this inhabited islet, at some 5km from Messolonghi, is named after the cu

Palairos of Etoloakarnania

Across the island of Lefkada, west of Aitoloakarnania and at a distance of 15 minutes or 15km sou

Louros Beach

A beach of rare beauty, unique ecological value and taking up a vast expanse, Louros is one of Gr

Limnopoula Beach

A secluded, almost secret and isolated beach of exceptional beauty, Limnopoula is situated in a u

Holy Monastery of the Presentation of Mary of Myrtle

A highly important Byzantine monument, the Holy Monastery of the Presentation of Mary of Myrtle,

Holy Chapel of Panagia Vlacherna

Considered one of the special religious pilgrimages in Etoloakarnania, the Holy Chapel of Panagia

Monastery of Pantocrator

The Holy Monastery of Pantocrator is situated on a hill east of the village of Angelokastro, betw

Katerinous Monastery – Holy Monastery of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary

The Holy Monastery of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary is situated in a verdant location at the fo

Vlochos Monastery – Holy Monastery of the Dormition of the Mother of God

The Holy Dormition Monastery is built on the hill of Vlochos, at an altitude of 700m, 15km from A

Acheloos Valley

The Acheloos river, huge and unique, is believed to have taken its name from the Sanskrit ‘ah’ me

Vonicsa Castle

Imposing and well-preserved, built on a prominent and strategic location overlooking the Amvrakik

Venetian Castle of Antirrio

Also known as the Castle of Roumeli, the Venetian Castle of Antirrio has been a fortress of great

Nafpaktos Castle

A proud, well-preserved and masterful example of fortress architecture, the castle of Nafpaktos e