POLYGON((21.69231430727163 38.26502986387835,21.77668587404409 38.32161569865037,21.867923895894677 38.34962282006245,22.010574500142724 38.323770476940766,22.105159918843896 38.28281873787928,22.137582461415917 38.266377658405005,22.16451183992544 38.232675293493145,22.24034325319448 38.21271612982761,22.375526587545068 38.14686604707638,22.36926094728628 38.06960537757639,22.34102265077749 38.012282510534135,22.247467200338036 37.939753554663646,22.253754298268944 37.85149922777317,22.188630263387353 37.81740191230279,22.06662193971792 37.78172862086608,21.921482245504052 37.82214800908981,21.82895676332632 37.95383193958368,21.686391989766747 37.84641613354603,21.614551703511864 37.90915083842042,21.50425926881948 37.92039136799924,21.434478919088036 37.96953157110951,21.417570273458153 38.02269589102217,21.39915959077993 38.04980431610782,21.357402960836083 38.07095678694407,21.338691870748193 38.18249724733196,21.361394087850243 38.1983502320031,21.353883902608544 38.21473926379602,21.370062987386376 38.22060604494161,21.378152529775292 38.22299982551983,21.386242072164208 38.22107806447931,21.488723914205224 38.218111036301686,21.575412909566552 38.18330684811555,21.657209555684716 38.20475790919608,21.69231430727163 38.26502986387835))

Cruise and Yachting Infrastructure in Patras

The port of Patras, one of the most contemporary ports in the Mediterranean, offers upgraded port

Rio-Antirrio Bridge

Even though Greek statesman Charilaos Trikoupis’ vision in the late 19th century took more than 1

Archaeological Museum of Patras

A living nucleus and one of the main pillars of Achaia’s cultural life, the Archaeological Museum


Amidst a dense fir tree forest, at an altitude of over 1000m, Zarouchla is built on the slopes of

Petmezas Family Tower

Classified as a historical monument, well preserved and among the oldest towers in the mountainou


Among the hidden treasures of mountainous Achaia, Planitero, 25km south of Kalavryta, is a villag

Patras Grove

An oasis of green and a recreation area, the Grove of Patras is a peri-urban forest, a stone's th

Stairs of Agios Nikolaos

One of the most representative areas of the city and a characteristic example of its architectura

Pedestrian Riga Feraiou Street

The busiest pedestrian street of Patras, expanding in the city’s historical center, Riga Feraiou

Apollon Municipal Theater

A jewel building incorporating typical examples of neoclassical, 19th-century architecture, and a

Psila Alonia Square

Among the most familiar, crowded and beloved squares in Patras, Psila Alonia is located in the he

Georgiou Square

Being Patras’ central square, it is the focus of both the city’s popular carnival events and othe

Olga's Square

Surrounded by beautiful trees in the city center, the (Vasilissis) Olga’s Square is distinct for

Carnival of Patra


Drepanos Beach

Lying on the northernmost tip of the Peloponnese, approximately 16km northeast of Patras and oppo

Aigeira Beach

Large, beautiful, with crystal-clear, blue-green waters, the beach of Aigeira is an ideal place f

Akoli Beach

Just under 5km northwest of Aigio, very close to the village of Selianitika and part of the Rodod

Psathopyrgos Beach

Situated east of Patras, small in area and relatively deep, with the Gulf of Corinth showering it

Aquatic Habitat of Aliki

A remarkable coastal ecosystem and an earthly paradise of tranquility, the Aliki wetland is locat

Lakkopetra Beach

Washed by the Gulf of Patras, the beach of Lakkopetra is marked by its clear, blue-green waters a

Kalogria Beach

An earthly paradise, Kalogria beach is an enchanting place spreading out 45km southwest of Patras

Holy Monastery of Agia Lavra

Identified with the Greek uprising of 1821, and characterized as a national metropolis, the Holy

Church of Panagia Trypiti

The impressive church of Zoodochos Pigi, better known as Panagia Tripiti, on the beachfront of th

Holy Monastery of Agion Panton

The Holy Monastery of Agion Panton (All Saints) is situated amidst a thick forest 35km south of P

Holy Monastery of Megalo Spilaio

Build on a steep, vertical rock 120m high, in a wild, precipitous setting 10km northeast of Kalav

Church of Agios Andreas

Magnificent and imposing, the Holy or Cathedral Church of Agios Andreas (Saint Andrew) of Patras

Achaia Clauss Winery

Southeast of Patras, on a lush green hill, the Achaia Clauss winery is considered the first organ

Drepanos Kitesurfing

The beach of Drepanos, washed by the Gulf of Corinth, lies at the northernmost tip of the Pelopon

River Ladon

Admire this impressive river, which crosses the province of Gortynia and ends in the artificial l

Lake Tsivlou

Unfolding over an area of more than two acres, with a depth of about 80m, Lake Tsivlou, named aft


Located in mountainous Achaia, northeast of Kalavryta, the Vouraikos Gorge, of unique, raw natura

Cave of the Lakes

In the bowels of the earth, created by nature and born of water droplets, salt molecules, liquid

Observatory of Helmos

On Neraidorahi, one of the highest peaks of the Helmos range, the surrounding mountains conceal a

Ski Center of Kalavrita

On Neraidorahi, one of the highest peaks of the Helmos range, the surrounding mountains conceal a

Ancient Aigeira

Ancient Aigeira, one of the prominent cities of the Achaean League, was built east of present-day

Dymaion Wall

Known also as the Kalogria Castle, the prehistoric acropolis of the Dymaion Wall is situated clos

Rio Fortress

Also known as the Castle of Morias, lying next to the Rio-Antirrio bridge, on a seaside strategic

Roman Odeon of Patras

Located in the upper city, a little lower than the hill of the medieval castle, the Roman Odeon o

Municipal Museum of the Kalavrita Holocaust

A place of national memory, classified as a work of art and a listed historic monument in need of

Castle of Patras

Intertwined with the history of the city and with an uninterrupted presence for centuries, the Ca