Drepanos Beach

Lying on the northernmost tip of the Peloponnese, approximately 16km northeast of Patras and oppo

Aigeira Beach

Large, beautiful, with crystal-clear, blue-green waters, the beach of Aigeira is an ideal place f

Akoli Beach

Just under 5km northwest of Aigio, very close to the village of Selianitika and part of the Rodod

Psathopyrgos Beach

Situated east of Patras, small in area and relatively deep, with the Gulf of Corinth showering it

Lakkopetra Beach

Washed by the Gulf of Patras, the beach of Lakkopetra is marked by its clear, blue-green waters a

Kalogria Beach

An earthly paradise, Kalogria beach is an enchanting place spreading out 45km southwest of Patras


An outstanding holiday venue in Aitoloakarnania, this coastal settlement, a seaport for Galatas v

Rouga Beach

Rouga is situated about 4km from the picturesque village of Paliabela, on the route from Vonitsa

Coast Astakos

The small – “big” idyllic coastal surprising city

Louros Beach

A beach of rare beauty, unique ecological value and taking up a vast expanse, Louros is one of Gr

Limnopoula Beach

A secluded, almost secret and isolated beach of exceptional beauty, Limnopoula is situated in a u

Epitalios beach

The beach of Epitalios is located in the Kyparissia gulf and is about 10 km from Pyrgos.

Paleochori -Bouka Beach

Situated at a distance of 6km from the town of Gastouni and five minutes from the settlement of P

Manolada Beach

On the coastline of the bay of Kyllini, in a northwest orientation and with a view to the island

Kourouta Beach - Palouki Beach

The beach of Kourouta has been for many years one of the top holiday destinations of Ilia.

Zacharo Beach

About 20 minutes from Ancient Olympia and 30 minutes from Pyrgos, the capital of the prefecture o

KAIAFAS BEACH Kaiafas Beach (or Caiaphas Beach)

Being part of the coast of the Gulf of Kyparissia, and a natural and undisturbed extension of the

Glyfa Beach

The beach of Glyfa is a magical beach, between the Bartholomios Dunes and Arkoudi.

Kourouta Beach

Kourouta, one of Ilia’s most crowded beaches, situated at a distance of 20km from Pyrgos and 6km

Skafidia Beach

The beach of Skafidia, some 12km northwest of Pyrgos, is spread out in a secluded cove and is an

Arkoudi Beach

The cosmopolitan area of Arkoudi gives the impression of an island destination.
Arkoudi Beach