On the path of faith and historical tradition

Places of devotion and worship, temples and monasteries that reflect the religious faith of Orthodox Christians, offering a different perspective to the journey to the Land of Olympia and drawing in pilgrims and scholars.

Because the Region of Western Greece is not only about green landscapes and majestic, crystal-clear waters. In this land, every step leads to places filled with historical, cultural and religious interest.

Starting from Achaea, where culture and religion create a mystifying amalgamation, food for the mind and soul, the lovers of religious tourism will discover their paradise. Great symbols of the Christian faith stand proudly in the wider region of Western Peloponnese, serving as guides to a delightful wandering.

The Region of Western Greece has created a manual within the context of the “Religious tourism: Monastic recipes in a women's monastery of Achaea - Training of monks and attracting visitors interested in religion” initiative. The source of inspiration for its compilation was the history and the work of the monks of the Holy Trinity Monastery of Akrata. It was founded in the 16th century and the original monastery (old monastery) was built on a rock.

The purpose of this very important initiative of the Region of Western Greece is to promote religious tourism as the main attraction of the Land of Olympia, through the promotion of monastic recipes and the publications of the monasteries, as well as the standardization of traditional monastic products.

These sacred places of spiritual exultation, with a rich history and cultural heritage, like the Women's Cenobitic Monastery of Akrata, are truly riveting. And they shall be the experience of a lifetime for every visitor looking for travels with an intense religious interest.
This is the Land of Olympia. Epic!


Holy Monastery of Agion Panton

The Holy Monastery of Agion Panton (All Saints) is situated amidst a thick forest 35km south of P

Church of Panagia Trypiti

The impressive church of Zoodochos Pigi, better known as Panagia Tripiti, on the beachfront of th