Fraxos Forest

A protected paradise, thanks to its ecological value and beauty, the Fraxos Forest is located nor

Rio-Antirrio Bridge

Even though Greek statesman Charilaos Trikoupis’ vision in the late 19th century took more than 1

Petmezas Family Tower

Classified as a historical monument, well preserved and among the oldest towers in the mountainou


Among the hidden treasures of mountainous Achaia, Planitero, 25km south of Kalavryta, is a villag

Patras Grove

An oasis of green and a recreation area, the Grove of Patras is a peri-urban forest, a stone's th

Stairs of Agios Nikolaos

One of the most representative areas of the city and a characteristic example of its architectura

Pedestrian Riga Feraiou Street

The busiest pedestrian street of Patras, expanding in the city’s historical center, Riga Feraiou

Apollon Municipal Theater

A jewel building incorporating typical examples of neoclassical, 19th-century architecture, and a

Psila Alonia Square

Among the most familiar, crowded and beloved squares in Patras, Psila Alonia is located in the he

Georgiou Square

Being Patras’ central square, it is the focus of both the city’s popular carnival events and othe

Olga's Square

Surrounded by beautiful trees in the city center, the (Vasilissis) Olga’s Square is distinct for

Aquatic Habitat of Aliki

A remarkable coastal ecosystem and an earthly paradise of tranquility, the Aliki wetland is locat

River Ladon

Admire this impressive river, which crosses the province of Gortynia and ends in the artificial l

Dymaion Wall

Known also as the Kalogria Castle, the prehistoric acropolis of the Dymaion Wall is situated clos

Rio Fortress

Also known as the Castle of Morias, lying next to the Rio-Antirrio bridge, on a seaside strategic

Public Central Library of Pyrgos

The Public Central Library of Pyrgos is a beacon of culture and knowledge in the city of Pyrgos.
26210-22762 και 26210-30510

Kounoupeli-Yrmini-Hot Spring of Yrmini

If anyone wants to know the place from where the Achaeans sailed with their ships to conquer Troy

Alfeios River Railway Bridge

The railway bridge of Alfeios is a living monument of local history.
2621362427 (Δήμος Πύργου)

Messolonghi Lagoon

At the southwestern tip of Aetoloakarnania, meeting with the Gulf of Patras and the Ionian Sea, b

Tryfos Springs

A verdant, unspoilt area known as Loutra Tryfos lies half the way between Amfilochia and Vonitsa,

Shrimp Fishing

A priceless treasure with a name of origin, gambari, the endemic shrimp of Amvrakikos Gulf with i


Being of an exceptional identity, Voustri used to be a village full of life, situated 14km northw

Artificial Lake of Kastraki

The Kastraki Lake, north of the town of Agrinio, is an artificial creation similar to its neighbo


Evinos is a river of Etoloakarnania prefecture .

Mountanious Nafpaktia

With unadulterated Roumeli beauty but cosmopolitan.

Lake Trichonida

The largest natural lake in Greece, also known as the Sea of Aetolia, lies 6km southwest of Agrin

Roman Baths of Agios Thomas

In the area of the lowland village of Agios Thomas, just 2.5 km northeast of Messolonghi, we come

Vlochos - The Fortress of Thestieon

At the top of Vlochos hill, on the western slope of Mt.

The Gate of Messolonghi and the Garden of Heroes

Seeing the walls with the monumental gate of the Holy City of Messolonghi, the thrill of emotion


A water state, the built-up and captivating town of Aitoliko– essentially an island territory, al


A village quite literally at the water’s edge, it lends itself to calm holidays in the turquoise


An extraordinary place, this inhabited islet, at some 5km from Messolonghi, is named after the cu

Palairos of Etoloakarnania

Across the island of Lefkada, west of Aitoloakarnania and at a distance of 15 minutes or 15km sou

Acheloos Valley

The Acheloos river, huge and unique, is believed to have taken its name from the Sanskrit ‘ah’ me

Artificial Lake of Pinios

The artificial lake of Pinios is a hidden paradise of the Ilian land.

Temple of Apollo Epicurius

Dedicated to the god Apollo Epicurius and built by the famous Greek architect Ictinus (or Iktinos